“In Reply To Buddy Bruce ‘Bout ‘Cane”

Yet again Traitor

typist touches (foul fingers!)

cause me the Cha-grins!*


  • (Not just today but since I taught myself touch typing circa sixth grade – or sooner – and even after a semester fine-tuning in business typing class which I switched to take Drivers’ Ed – I have been ham-fisted at the finger-end and thank deity or deliveryman I came to practice journalism where fat number two pencils and later blue pens when ‘lectronics and pagination prevailed – from lead hot-type to thermo-printing of whole pages set for the printers, wow! – I have maintained my need for speed before perfection.  Bad for driving; not so much for typing.  I do apologize for the mangled words and phrases which lead to quandary but enjoy the occasional whimsy as well. With only minor tweaking the above haiku came in the last line of a reply to Bruce Jewett advising me to be ‘ware the hurry cane before my home – and he tried to fob off my rant at his rigidness sitting atop several faults bigger than mine own three who fossilized await awakening on the western terminus of Lake Monroe as The Saint Johns River resumes its turgid stroll to Jacksonville and The northern half of The Atlantic Ocean.)

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