“I’m Wet, Worn Out But The Cat Loves Me*”

My second “Irma”

home de-branched by the road:

this one five acres!


  • (Brother and Sister-In-Law’s esate nearby, Turtle Crossings, has a brutal homeowners association ruling: Wednesday Must for its only yard debris pickup and I love my Brother Storm but I like my Sister Jeanne.  I awoke several pre-strained muscle groups, but all-in-all the yard in Sanford at The Office yielded more fall-down and heavy lifting.  I need to get some more aspirin, having eschewed Recon Candy – Tylenol – to easy my aches into bed.  And I still have one-half a back side-yard left to fine-tooth rake so as not to dent mower blades.  My what a fine fellow.  I must make balance de-meaner, no?)

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