“Girded Snaffurd*”

Sanford girds itself

for its leaf-n-branch abounds:

I must walk around!*


  • (As our city streets – and the rest of Central Florida I am sure – beging getting emptied of all the detritus of a hurricane’s indelicate brush with limbs, whole trees of varying sizes, twigs and leaves and much else besides, my favorite shorcut park towards my downtown trekking to a computer internet existence is foiled even more.  The weekend Cricket players, too, have been put off.  Not only has the huge monoliths of stormwater sewer improvements like a pair or so of linear Stonehenges lining the left-hand pitch gone under the gun of civic improvement, but now the park entire some six square blocks I guess have become a parking lot for dumped yard waste – yours, mine and ours and more importantly it seems The City’s – which comes first – so my oft daily treks towndownwardly have grown. Groan. Grin.)

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