“Fifty Years Ago Today, Sergeant…”*

Fifty years ago

right now was ‘Taps:’ And one fool

tried to ‘Make-Springs-Squeal!’**


  • (Written 9:15 p.m. – or 2115 in Marine military time, saying Hours is redundant – just as Taps sounded and lights went off on our first night of actual training at Parris Isloand, South Carolina for Platoon 1047, 1044 Series, Company B, First Battalion, First Recruit Training Regiment, and some damn fool tried the Onan-game and his squeaking bunkbed springs alerted his squadleader and such help as required to pound some sense into the idjeet before the terror known as any Drill Instructor in Creation came down on us again after that first day’s demonstration of DI Ire.)

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