“No Sights To See, So…”*

No sights to see, so?

Entertaining blue blashes

herald ‘Lectric’s  Loss!


  • (Written just after dark on Sunday as Hurricane Irma begins its windy assault on Sanford, Florida; downgraded, to be sure, from a Category 4 hurricane to perhaps a weak Category 2 or a goodly-sized Cat 1, much of its wind and rain energy having been spent in its landward rush up from Southwest Florida.  The telltale Blue Flashes heralded the loss of tranformers mounted on large and small power poles across U. S. 17-92 from my 18th street open-front door perch just out of the rain, taking advantage of the breeze and the lightshow, but minutes later mine own power decides to leave about 9 p.m. and would not return for some 25 hours.  I did not have the drains stopped up in my brains to remember to get the candles, and, besides, I hate reading good books by candlelight, so I went to sleep on the couch before the big picture window, properly draped to catch any sharding glass, of course.  Thus went Sunday night.)

One thought on ““No Sights To See, So…”*

  1. I did not mean to type the second line “Entertaining blue blashes” but instead wanted “…blue flashes” but I rather like Blue Blashes instead. Good little terrorist finger who knows better what I really meant!


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