“My Grandpa Was A Tailor”

gramps was a tailor*

he sewed a pretty mean chick

dad bought that right up


  • (Mom’s dad learned the art in a little village a day’s walk from Kiev, Ukraine.  When he emigrated before the turn of the 20th Century those skills earned him a job in the garment district and later as a “runway tailor” in the fashion industry.  Dad met mom when his aircraft carrier stopped in NYC before hading across the stormy and dangerous North Atlantic, doing floating aerial convoy-protection duty after having been sunk whist aboard USS Hornet (CV-8) off Guadalcanal in 1942.  Mom and Zaida David got along famously: mom’s little dog was unimpressed. Grampa told dad to take that girl away at least 500 miles from her mother if he wanted the marriage to work.  Went he closer to 1,500 miles and the still were holding hands and chattering away like teens whenever I’d come round the corner from Titusville, Florida, to visit.  That old man sure was smart. Some rubbed off on his son-in-law, but no one noticed for a good 30 years.)

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