“It Only Stands…To Reason”*

it stands to reason

the rest of the time he sits

mute as spider’s pun


  • (Short-story and novelist Spider Robinson’s Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon introduced the game Punday Night in which the winner of the worst possible pun had his tab erased each Monday night.  The Callahan’s series earned the then unscientific English Major entre into the world of Science Fiction and he fell under the clutches of men like Robert Anson Heinlein, The Admiral, and such tomes as The Free LunchMindkillerNight of Power (in which the author proves building your last mansion on the edges of a depressed area – if you plan on dying there – quickly will drop your property values, and taxes, and if you practice good neighborlyness, you may happily gurggle away in Irish Coffee all that saved cash – and so many other trenchant books…his Canadian syndicated column gives tender reference to his English Major past: “Past Imperfect, Future Tense.)

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