I left coastal Maryland sometime in my fifth year, and did not return but for a few mostly besotted-by-survival and booze that I escaped my surroundings, and, besides, all that was before Harbor transformation. I even recall St. Johns riverside downtown Jacksonville when it all was drunken late-night poolhalls featuring gum-smacking sharkies in fishnets, longer ash dangling, gumpopping wanna play a round and the sights and smells – and if unlucky – sounds of pukepainting the curbsides. I prefer Lu Terlikowski’s vision so much the more. Enjoy, all!


The air smells of fish

and the wind is whipping

hair into faces.

A performer holds six knives

and slings them into the air,

smiling, dodging, and catching them again.

Paddle boats shaped like dragons

line the dark harbor

with paint-chipped snarls.

A small rollercoaster

roars with bells and

rides in bent circles all night.

-Lu Terlikowski

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