“Some Stuff From 3:18 a.m. to 3:59 Friday, September 15, 2017″*

“It Stands To Reason*”


It stands to Reason:

the rest of the time he sits,

mute – a Spider’s Pun*


  • (Author Spider Robinson in one of his legendary Calllahan’s series of science fiction stories features on ongoing Punday Night contest amongst the Callahan’s Saloon’s patrons.  One of my favorite stinkers from that beloved set of short vignettes called a book is the winning pun: It Stands To Reason.  Go find out yourself.  You can thank me later.)


“Two Yellow Foot-Prints”


Those two yellow prints:

feet at forty-five degrees –

welcome to PI!*


  • (PI+Parris Island, South Carolina, home for the East Coast Recruit Depot, United States Marine Corps. And, yes, as you are screamed off the bus, cursed at and cajoled and sometimes have your posture adjusted somewhat vigorously* which no longer happens I am assured and in my case in two days it will have been 50 years ago * you see some 70 sets of yellow footprints, heels almost touching and angling off at a 45-degree mark on the lonely dark asphalt parking lot, those footprints eerily seeming to glow in a no-moon light night – phosphorescence intentional? – and you somehow just know your life never will be the same thereafter.)


“T”2 My Dear Sisters*”

All my life so far

I’ve worn this dark coat of lamb

so why be diff’rent?*


*(Something about what soon well may come in the way of The Family Hour tales of do-daringly done. The pair of Sisters-In-Law I share with their husbands my brothers view askance my penchant for weaving family into my copy, especially the speculative and some might say salacious or even shocking things I have seen, heard or possibly done.  So, I said – meekly – okay. No more.  I lied.)

gramps was a tailor

he sewed a pretty mean “chick”

dad bought that right up


  • (will comment when haiku are separated…Some insistent deamon dragged me to the nightstand for pen and notebook thrice between 3:18 and 3:59 this morning…these are presented in reverse order.  Notebooks are a dangerous thing, no?)

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