“Hurry, ‘Cane, Want Water!”

‘Cane Come Sunday

and I must water garden!*

Hurry, ‘Cane: Want Water!


  • (Unlike Harvey, Irma was more wind than water, and two days after passing nearby, my okra and other vegetables, herbs an suchlike – including purely posie-ish plants need watering. I feel gypped!  Yet State Highway 46 which runs from near Titusville on The Indian River Lagoon opposite The Kennedy Space Center, apparently has flooded at Lake Harney about halfway to the Mims-Titusville cutoff for U. S. Highway 1 going North-South.)  Lake Monroe here in Sanford just under the seawall but the National Weather Service says we are at flood stage…will post photos of what Tropical Storm Faye (2008) left us with water on the lakefront by way of comparison.)

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