“What I Did On Vacation This Week”

Hafta yald*, half-on

into the vale of topped trees

I stride, pickin’ up!


  • (Yep. What the letter looks like to me “yald” in the first line.  Makes more sense than “yard,” one suspects.  So in it stays.  Picking up the debris – mostly limb, branch, stem and left litter from Hurricane Irma – and yes, I am wearing snakeboots and shorts with a nice floppy breeze-happy hat betwixt radio, book, water, and writing, gradually I line the two-street boundaries of the yard with knee- and man-high piles awaiting pickup which may take six hours, six days or six weeks.  Bet the over.)

“So Much My Climes Fall”

so much for fall climes

welcome back mid-ninety temps

say rain tomorrow*


  • (September 13, 2017: Wednesday, nearly three days after Hurricane Irma and my garden needs watering and the mercury is disturbing the upper reaches of my outdoor thermometer.  And just today I find that after tonight’s scheduled drizzle or downpour we gots Sahara staying through Sunday.)