“Week-old Hurricane Irma Pre-Dream Found Hiding In Posts”*

Irma’s tail twitches

Florida with blessed rain:

some say more to come.


  • (I was bugged all week, not being able to find the above post in my perusal of past posts and running eyes down the scribbled pages of my notebook…then, after a day off from the keyboard doing the pre-Hurricane pre-preparedness stuff like trimming hedges and palm fronds and big-shrub branches, moving things about to get ready to move things about in case they require garaging.  Still have 100 more 2-liter water bottles at “The Ready” to fill; got the supplies laid in, the fridge and freezer mostly eaten out of no-generator blues in case electricity fails, and but need a few minor twitches.
  •  (But not finding the haiku really bugged me.  Then when I quit looking, what pops up?  Yup.  Irma’s Tail Twitches, whose headline failed to type Irma. thereso making the finding of same more difficult.  I do difficult well, though much more accomplished at impossible.  The possible and probable are problematic, however.)

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