“The UnCare & UnFeeding”

Fridge and freezer low

by design – still see no need

for generator!*


  • (Yep. Another Hurricane Irma-irk. A Generator for two or four one-to-two-week power outages provoke the bicycle shoppers and the pickup artists who listen for such sounds – and only a person who gets cut rates at the morticians runs an internal combustion engine in a garage, attached or otherwise – and I’d rather not work up the sweats to coin-count what otherwise could be some tasty brews and parts of former cows.  Besides, I’d have a time remembering to run out the last of the gas when the generator no longer needed to run: and more importantly, remember to check the oil, clean the air filter: you know, the usual stuff “things” require to remain things.  I have a thing about that.)

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