“An Excuse Just Fine By Me”

Will not fertilize

or spread compost top-dressing

until storm’s* path set!


  • (Hurricane Irma, despite what my local broadcase radio – and TV – keeps trying to reassure/scare me has yet to decide its path this weekend, and should we get more than our usual quarter-to-half-inch daily rain three or four times a week, such garden applications of top-dressings are a waste of good worm-poop which I expect if then to be fertilizing the lake a mile+ away and thereby increasing its stress.  So I shall test-fly the hammock as most of the rest of the Irma-prep long-done and nothing remains until day-before day-before stuff.  Got my swim-trunks handy and my mo-mo cycle rain gear near the cold beer.  Oh, yeah: while I’m at la biblioteca I shall check out a couple more books to keep the candles company.)

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