“The ‘Real’ Irma*”

The Real Irma creeps

closer to The Bahamas:

all stands ‘At Ready.’


  • (Do not have time today to take off down the past posts to see if I just “dreamed” up that Hurricane Irma running up The Gulf Stream a week or so ago – either by old notebook now resting in the camera bag or on My Sites – but that is immaterial.  In that “dream” post I mentioned the two hundred two-liter bottles of empty and cleaned sodas – labels stripped – with one hundred of them already filled with water and by tomorrow afternoon the second hundred will get a quick-spurt cleaning in case by Thursday or so I will need to fill them for both drinking and washing – me and dishes, etc. – purposes should Irma come calling.  If you are a “newbie” to hurricanes either here in Central Florida or elsewhere, do not wait for any outside help for what you did not do ahead of time.  ALL Outside lawn furniture, garbage (and yes compost) cans secured, hoses coiled and secured, all signage and buckets and such secured – some buckets I put under eaves and let pre-cane rain fill and immobilize (I hope) and the rest rests in the garage with the chairs and tables and suchlike.  The hammock base goes into hiding as well.  Canned food, ready to eat.  The fridge and freezer nearly empty…if full, you need to have a pre-cane party and cook and smoke the meat the day before the day before.  Lower the level in the freezer, – you should have already many two-liter bottles of three-quarters filled water already hard-frozen in the freezer.  Take them out just after the power goes off and use them to add to the dry ice – yep, DRY ICE if you can find any for sale two days before the storm hits which most goes in an empty freezer shelf if you have a standalone freezer and then into the use-later coolers you then duct-tape closed and stack in order of use-first prioritizing.  Duct tape the freezer. Well.  Wait for the power to go out before you do the final thing.  Unplug everything.  If you’ve got a hand- or foot-crank weather/news radio you are set.  If not. Suffer.  But don’t worry, soon if the storm is close enough and bad enough you will have company.  High winds topple towers too.  Radio and TV well may be off-air for some time.  Conserve your batteries when the radio/TV goes out.  Take the cell phone(s) off the charger and pray your sidewinder setup or other backup charging device(s) still work.  Get the emergency medical – flashlights, batteries and important papers – in ziploc bags – into a hard-back briefcase and toss that into the tub with the other stuff and have the quilts and suchlike coverings ready to go over you when you finally quitcher peeking outside and go crawl back to the by-then dark hallway, bouncing off myriads of filled water bottles and get inside the most-interior bathroom you can find.  Those water pipes and suchfixtures may save your life.  The quilts are for flying debris and glass.  Oh. By the way. Buy some powdered milk to mix up a quart at a time for your breakfast-lunch-supper dry cereal when the other foodstuffs get gone or get too high to try.  Sorry I did not have the time to make this shorter*  – apologies to SL Clemens)

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