“Early A. E. Van Vogt”

old a.e. van vott

short stories* – watch a master

grow his craft and grin


  • (Before he left -presumably with wife E. Mayne Hull – to join with L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics, the master craftsman of what I like to think as Libertarian Science Fiction sprinkled with General Semantics courtesy Count Alfred Korbyziski(sp?), founder of the discipline whose adherents also included S. I. Hiakawa (sp?) and only decades later returned to science fiction, I eagerly awaited his lessons on “The Map Is Not The Territory,” “The House is White on the side I see now…for the present” and “For The Sake of Sanity, Specify!” among many other lessons strewn in entertaining space opera.)

“It’s About Choices”

Did you fill water

to two-hundred two-liter

old soda bottles?*


  • (How to avoid running out of drinking water during a hurricane or big rain event that causes the municipal water supply to fail.  A hundred more such water bottles and some heavy-duty black plastic placed out in the sun after a power failure days or more long: six or eight hours of full sun and you have to cut the shower bucket with cold water at least by half to get super-hot wash-body water and sometimes a little less cold for the dishes and stuff.  You do not need a government nanny to get you through.)