“BLACK SIREN” — Ellie belfiglio

Originally posted on THE UNPREDICTABLE : I stand poised on the edge of an abyss, Gazing down into the seductive blackness. … the darkness beckons me, With a siren voice. Making irresistible promises- Of scenery, safety, solitude… I know its coaxing voice- is disguising the lonely comfort, Awaiting below… … Yet, how I long to be…

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Scarecrow Questions — O at the Edges

Scarecrow Questions Though my tongue withers from disuse and drought, I taste from across the sea astringent smoke and the progeny of a hundred bullets buzzing by like misguided insects through the theater of the dying, and I question how pride and greed, hubris and fear, unwind their cords to detonate these differing yet tangled […]

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Yassy – Yaskhan 66 on WordPress will require several more “reads.” Enjoy!

I take a pause breathing in the chorus of nature’s movement I walk into the green of arching trees and twining brambles, my breath toasted by the delicate scents of hidden flowers. Shadows whirl against swirling treetops..glowing a golden roam guides my steps..i sit in a slow sunset Birds twitter into nectar misted dew warmed […]

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“We Shall See Wet*”

This time “they” assure,**

we will receive some big rains…

maybe four inches!


  • (And “They” think four inches a deluge high atop Sanford, Florida’s St. Johns River – and Lake Monroe’s – southern river basin ridgeline.  This little river, flowing North, ’nuff to make crackers and other wags chime: “’tis the only such Northern Hemispher river so to flow!” Wrong, croaker-breath: but that’s ‘nother whole argument that this – we got barely that from so-named Hurricane Irma as it expended its wrath well South and West of us in this little peninsula and our “big breezes” just barely broached ‘cane gust status and mostly knocked off the accumulated eleven years of no big storms hereabouts buildup so the place looks hydrogen bombishly littered and we have a governor who wants Navy Bean Soup on his board as a U. S. Senator – and why not!? – who tells us we have to pick-it-all-up soonerishly since we be touristrapnumberone in this here whole world – yeah? – but I digress.  Our Irma was a “dry” back-half hurry-cane whose power and glory waned by Sanford, though most did not get back their ‘lectric within 25 hours as did I: pays to live on a major trunk line leading to a middle school and both a police and fire headquarters, no? So I spendthrifted my old bananas into the big tubs of sweet potato tubers, added peelings to other smaller pots of no-less drooled-over comings soonIhope, and much of all, broke out the poorer of the two pair of tenni-sneaks so to sog my way towndoerishly to type this here screed following an haiku.
  • ** (On fifth thought I was going to write “agree” vice “assure.”  But both are hangin’ offenses to my ears coming as they do from meter-hohoho-ligists pr even an ironclad meteorologist with all the stamps and sigils affixed.)