“Sweet Potato Droolin'”

Filled two more big pots*

with more sweet potato vines:

November drooling!


  • (It started with one 55-gallon compost – converted trash can – big with one big sweet potato uneaten and just-discovered early Spring.  That series of vines soon claimed ownership – with a few shovelsful of more compost – into two 30-gallon unused pots. And, yes, I copped a couple of top-can pop-ups nice and fresh and golden yellow back in early July, and have regularly added vine leaves to salads and steamed some as vegetables, but just a few days ago I noticed all those vines trailing down off the original pot and I did happen to have two more 30-gallon empty pots and extra soil and compost and I just feel so bad for the Turkey what with all that competition coming late Fall.  Pie, souffle, baked with butter and dark grade B maple syrup, and, yes, fried and even this time tostoned – a la plantain.)

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