“Spaghetti Dribble”

spaghetti dribble

polka-dots my tee-shirt front

too far* from a change


  • (But I brought a backup – of both!.  Microwave container of more with a side salad and some crusty bread pre-buttered and, of course, another tee shirt after my three hours of library ‘puter time which I “wasted” (read: invested) in tracking down Stephen Michael Stirling’s announced October (2017) release date for another Novel of The Change piece of wonder-pie and then wandered down the alley of rating and wishing S/F and Fantasy and didn’t even come close to finishing or swimming in the sea of history, poetry, military, general fiction and…you know…the rest.  The salad, spaghetti and – for dessert – bread ‘n’ butter at the senior center at which place I will avoid logging on because my collards, beans, carrots, chard, and else besides have sat as seeds long enough…not to mention the broccoli rabe, kholrabi and radishes, et al.)

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