i’ve seen flood and rain

seen lightning and heard the same

struck so very close


  • (Circa 1980 whist driving my mythic white Chevy pickemuptruck in a typical Summer mid-morning thudershower down U. S. Highway 1 just entering Titusville from Mims, Florida, I was awakened – really! – by a lightning striking a tall pine tree some forty yards across my left front quarterpanel. The tree’s top third – it was some 80 or 90 feet to the spreading crown – erupted in a white, then blue, then orange, then yellow flash-bang and cast chunks of heartpine some still aflame through the roaring rain, just missing the pickup truck and the few other cars going to Tidy-ville with me.  I used to schedule long walks though town – especially from the newspaper office – when the sky went back to white and electric without the accouterments most Western humans think prudent when possible, marveling at the flash and bang and the stark scenes painted, taking not a small dab much less a great big gob of care for the Fried Key syndrome indicative of a ‘lecrocuted by Lightning Fool.  That day in pickemup changed all that.  But I do sit still in a plastic garden chair under the front-door eaves when br’er thunder-n-lightnin’ come to call. And then I realized there are people a thousand miles West who think, no, know, some damn fool treads light on their plight and for them I say I keep a constant prayer for your health, survival and return from your meeting with Harvey.)

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