“A Piece of History”

at least some old bricks*

saved to pave Magnolia Square

cheap crumbs sub First Street


  • (Augusta Brick Company early 20th and possibly late 19th Century paved many of Sanford’s East-West – almost exclusively – Streets and North-South downtown Avenues through 13th Street, which oddly enough also is called Celery Avenue.  When the city ripped up First Street early in the 21st Century to once again realign downtown parking from diagonal to parallel and coincidentally find out what “infrastructure” resided beneath…almost a Gothic dig with unknown and uncharted conduits, pipes and wiring…the big, blocky bricks which still serve Park, Magnolia, Oak, Palmetto and other avenues were replaced with cheaper, thinner and in some cases quicker-crumbling substitutions I was crestfallen.  Then I met the grandson and son of the founder of Augusta who said his company had bid to replace the scenic but admittedly jouncy sometimes riding brick streets – and even had the lowest bid – he said no one at City Hall would say why another firm was chosen.  I have a few handsfull of the centenarian kiln-made clunky bricks and so it was nice to see some of the city’s newest orphans made their way to an iconic spot where old soaks and young soldiers may sunsoak whist praying or paying attention of the burbles of a soothing fountain.)

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