Yeah: I know – not haiku. But chew anyway, okay. Lu delivers a fine meal!

I want to write about galaxies and sound interesting or artsy or avant-garde or whatever it is that people want these days. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but how many people in their early twenties truly relate to roman phrasing and cocaine abuse? I wonder how much of what I write in […]

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Eva-Maria Simms: Fascism is never democratic

Powerful. Personal. Prophetic?

Vox Populi

It was St. Patrick’s Day weekend in 2016, and I was out in my garden digging the ground in preparation for the spring planting season.  The day was warm, and I saw young people out on the sidewalk decked out in green top-hats and t-shirts making their way to Pittsburgh’s St. Patrick’s Day parade and the revelries downtown. They were laughing and talking and seemed to have a good time.  I remembered that during my student years I joined the St. Paddy’s Day parade in Dallas, Texas dressed as an Irish fairy with wings made from coat-hangers and an old bedsheet.  I was told that on that day we were all Irish, even I as a German, and I happily danced and blew kisses in front of our home-made float with the poet Gerald Burns, decked out in mitre and chasuble, officiating over the celebration.

I kept digging, happy with…

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“My So-Mean Freezer”

My so-mean freezer*

used me so badly I missed

“The Tooth Fairy” show**


  • (Quick-chilling juice in the freezer…and the plastic bottles kept disobeying my commands so I had to rearrange and thus…
  • ** (I missed “The Secret Adventures of The Tooth Fairy” Newton Snookers as broadcast on WPGS-AM 840 Mims-Titusville and I was in such a snit about that I forgot to add the vodka or the rum to the pineapple and orange juice and grenadine and sweet-n-sour and lime and Grand Mariner and Quantreau(sp?).  Wanna go best-of-three, freezer?)