“Why No LaborDay SchoolStart”

We went back after

Labor Day through High School:

blame football playoffs.*


  • (Through 1965 in Florida there was no high school fooball playoffs: there were end-of-season bowl games for those qualified and invited.  Then, high school classification-era playoffs came to town and soon enough a 10-game regular season (and then a jamboree and now a who-knows-what-to-call-it “Classic” game in “preseason,” and school starts in Mid-August.  We graduated June 6, 1966.  Graduation now sometime in mid-May?  Blame the teachers’ unions – and really take a second look at the possessive apostrophe in teachers and you get a clear picture of just whom the teachers are unionized for and why and if you are a mite slow I shall just shout: It Ain’t The Students!.  And football playoffs got themselves worked halfway to Christmas what with a preseason startup of two-a-day practices early in August, and just how do kids get to practice when it sometimes starts the first session just about sunrise?  Something seeweewuswong heres, no? High School football is not supposed to be NFL. And we have had the past few seasons prep grid teams wearing those godsawfull pink shoes, socks, wristbands and all for an almost entirely female cancer that rarely kills anymore while a male cancer – prostate – kills a lot more and is curiously to me at least ignored in professional sports altogether.  Who’s mindin’ the damn store?  We used to think Sports was an escape – though some said a microcosm instead – of the everyday in this country.  But with pee wee football, t-ball and youth soccer just past the post-diaper stage is it more about the money than about some backyard and empty-lot games going on all summer instead of how-do-we-hide-these-voluntary-mandatory summer weight lifting – and, okay, maybe a little bit of chalktalk and film study sessions from the investigators and call it nothing much at all?  At all!)

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