“I Just Made”

I just made it rain:

watered – and select-weeded –

The Garden. Sure. Rain!*

  • (And since we have just entered a high-pressure zone here in Central Floorida and rain is supposed to be rather thin, my new okra seedlings in the shade of bigger brothers and sisters asked that I forego carrying the big golf umbrella downtown this morning in hopes of some more wetstuff today as the temps go for mid-90s and heat-index mythology suggest 106° Fahrenheit in its wascally way of saying Climate Change Caused By Humans IS REAL.  How ever did we manage to survive the 1940s and ’50s without air conditioning and Heat Indices?  Remember, that was all pre-Slurpee! So I sauntered downtown, wrote a happy birthday greeting for little brother Storm and tagged it with the appropriate yester-date so it probably will not appear here, sans big U and thus ready to tempt rain once again – oh: do have a human-size collapsible ‘brella slung by clever straps under the camera/book bag that totes a fresh new unswetted tee shirt, two small bottles of water, aspirin, an apple and two blueberry muffins.  If that does not draw rain I will drink six beers this afternoon and go down and water the garden myself!  So There!)

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