“A Little Mysogamy” Tanka 809

one whore too many

will give you away easy

two too many not


every shrewd whore* has two more

to tell on the first damn fool


  • (By now you might be wondering which whore who?  I mean no disparagement of honest hard working women who found typing and filing for a living too limiting and I only mention there might be alternatives to holding the egos of the easily-bruised for remunerative purposes.  But I digress.  Who the whore, here?  She – or he – who first laid down or the damnfool still hoping to have enough left in that wallet not to have to walk.  I held one longsuffering lady who danced – both vertically and horizontally – on a half-cut telephone pole bar’s parkinglot buffering as she cried and puked and puked and cried and suggested to her I knew she had a masters’ degree in business management and left a good job in the city – yeah! An old song-joke we both knew – and she wiped-smudged stupidly unnecessary mascara across her cheek and smiled: yeah, J, but he says he loves me.  And I replied: so what? The question is – and the proof of the answer I suggest is: why don’t you love yourself instead?  Why are you punishing yourself. Answer that and maybe you won’t have to sit here with me on this beautiful low bench puking on both of our feet.  That was the last time I saw Tina.  I hope she got new shoes.)



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