2 thoughts on ““What Purpose?” Tanka 801

  1. I differ (beggingly, dear lady): more a dash-slap try to patch the questions to a framework I may find useful when taking more time fully to fill in the holes as I seem to hold my lemmingflynet long-ways from the cliff’s edge but am I not noticing the big cliff-eating machine down below at rock-strewn beachside? Dare I lean over an edge and look? Mayn’t some seventeen rushing rodents not gang up and “show me the way?” Whenever I clear my hole-for-foxes I riskrun the possibility of pessimism’s corporate takeover and my pen has lost its censor and I my censure. But I do appreciate the depth, Yassy: I’m filling in the hole as rapidly as I can with ultra-soft, bouncy things in just case the fall catches me. Still had too many second-helpings of my world last night, but I promise snorty outlooks coming soon. J


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