“Playing ‘Catch This’ With Africa”

America plays

‘Catch’ with Africa half-year*

spells we mostly win.


  • (The Hurricane Season – June 1 to November’s end – brings us rain, sometimes wind and often when it does more excitement than most anything but a half- or mile-wide Tornado even when it’s a thousand miles away.  We get our Summer Colds from Africa in the dust-clouds blown across the West Coast of our Southern Sister Continent and it keeps us not only humble but thankful for wood pulp-turned soft nose-tissue.  Also, my okra, just about ready to bloom all hibiscus-like – after all, they are cousins – I like to believe feel less homesick when roused with promise of gombo in my gumbo. Gombo, in case you did not know is West African for okra.  Gumbo is Southern for Heaven. Given an extra hour]s type-time I shall someday soonerishly submit my Heretical Gumbo receipt to your tender or un- mercies. Be warned: I use both belt and suspenders – including both filé and okra and to make matters worse, quail and rabbit AND shrimp(s) and blue crab quartered with of course the obligatory andouille.)

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