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  1. The Black African chieftains sold prisoners of war, any dissenters, etc. to white and Arab slavers. The chiefs were motivated by profit and resulting social control. The highland clearances come to mind … when British business interests (sheep, wool) co-opted the Scottish clan lords and deported them entire highland population to Canada, Australia, etc. Moral of this tale is that there’s always someone ready to sell your unconsenting butt.


    • And there were the free-lancers and the Arabs and probably other poachers of people working the profit – or prophet – margins as well. And it ain’t a whole lot different today, except that sometimes slavery wears a whole new cloth economic, social or political and surely sexual. And, yet, this country, with the addition of Canada and much of Western Europe following our lead in the latter half of the 20th Century which at least has stood for the end of chattel slavery of women – and children – and includes for sexual purposes, and that, my friend, remains mostly a concept and only here in U and S and sometimes A practice of concrete denial and destruction (if and when the appropriate signatory boxes get signed. Thus endeth the sermon: there will be no collection.


      • Sexual exploitation of slaves happened on the ships and, of course, in the plantation system. Perhaps the most common genetic legacy for African-Americans is that of white sailors, overseers, and let’s not forget the gentry.

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      • Not to mention anyone else with a log and a paddle or a yen to cross The Sinai – and that does not count the willing coupling…Sheeba and (was it>) Solomon or his dad? The interesting upshot is when the Diaspora teams from Israel came to Ethiopia in the mid-20th Century prepared to discount the oral traditions of the above, their blood tests revealed the Hebraic link and to the correct tribe as well. Bruce: the incidence of “cross” ethnicity breeding – and the more recent “proof” of Neanderthal-Cro Magnon and H. Sapiens Sapiens successful breeding suggest there’s a lot more to my gutter-ditty about in the absence of a girl a guy will couple with a goat, a grape leaf or a gorilla…and that’s just 1/25th of the available other possibilities. A collateral question: has anyone studied the forced – or consensual – couplings and off-springing of indentured servants (white and other – if such a class obtains) in America. And why the attention being focused between Canada and Mexico? Brazil comes to mind. Any of us extant in the 21st Century on this planet well may be termed a fit in either (or both) of two categories: the king or the slave. For no king goes long without a servant and no servant stand further back in line of whom to save when kings face hardship or worse. Does you hypothesis make room for landmass or islandic Asians (including those commonly referred to as Middle-Easterners in the pollen-spreading bidness? Got a feeling with our cultural insularity and our mostly geographically-flavored so-called racial characteristics – and extrapolating the unusual and/or unique as a sexual turn-on going either direction, that cross-ethnic procreation whether by fun or by choice or by force or coercion much more practiced than prejudice might assume.


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