“Apple Pie Breakfast”

Apple pie breakfast,

friend thick bologna with Heinz*

looks good for lunch!


  • (A tasty treat: first cut slits in thick-cut bologna – baloney it’s called here in The Souff – so it won’t curl up so much. A small “x” cut in the center prevents the big bubble.  Fry in a pat of butter! We Are Gilding Lilies Here! and then put on well slathered Heinz 57-sauced white bread or if you are modern, toast.  Potato chips – I like no salt – and a half-cut dill, Kosher or not! Further gilt: crisp cole slaw with plenty of shredded carrots and green onion tops and bottoms and a touch of minced bell pepper, cucumber quick pickle with sugar and white distilled vinegar, dill seed, salt and sugar and icewater with a dill frond or three if you must. I must.)

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