4 thoughts on ““Umming Your Way”

    • So I went back to origina – threw in the missing back-end parenthetical decree, and regagged the original: you are right to laugh, Yassy. But I’s serious (ly twisted?). In an age of find something wrong – real quick like – to hold over our over-holders’ heads – before someone asks why are we giving time to watch, read, hear media maunderings past their limited ken I have no rational response. So, I join you in a chuckle. And snozzle my blow-hole to cover the wiping eyes from fauceting tears. Without someone to cry would there be winderness? Maybe I can find a spare apple tree and hope it is dumb but juicy. That ‘minds me: I have some gloriously sweet and chin-drip juicy apples chilling just now and a last bottle of icewine set up near two decades ago from a less-than half-thousand-boottle lot. Bake some almont and pistachio biscotti? Now: I have purpose. And youse to blame!

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    • Yeah. As in: Stay After Class and clean the black boards. No. Never happened…never got off that easy. And I do appreciate your efforts to specialize me, MzYaz. Thou’rt The Special-ist!

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  1. Will ever I learn to stop and re-read? Not when my last half-hour on-keyboard chimes and I yet have had time to go visit more friends. But, the shoe-expedition yielded lagniappe: I got two bags of (2-lb. each) popcorn – and the price fell some 22 cents! – and went next-store down and scored a pound of butter (which will help with the biscotti, no?) so expedition to shoe not all awash in lamentational lacrimony! (pardon: I will not uplook lacrimal’s cousins’ spellings.


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