“Go Ahead, Hate Your Neighbor*”

hate your neighbor, fine;

kill your friend, you know you must:

time to redraw maps!


“One Tin Soldier” the song as theme to an over-worked Billy Jack movie that did no justice to the original Soldier of Fortune story which finally led to the second, more true to the original, film, inspired the first line and from there we branch off.  If Balkanization be our fate – and more and more it looks like “must” then the rest of this here dirtball is deeply doo-dooed, since we are the shining light on that thar hill.  Oh, woe – No! Whoa! You Member of The Press! – is us.  Take out the noserings, shuck the blinders.  See the enemy in the mirror, the friend masquerading as foe. Just. See.)

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