“Friday Flashback With Marty B.”

DJ plays my songs

from junior high through college:

with special ‘Nam smoke!


  • (Pastor Marty Braemer has two hour-long weekday shows on Mims-Titusville, Florida AM radio station 840 AM WPGS, and on Fridays his “Thought Radio” segment becomes Friday Flashback.  Oh, yes, also he has a Sunday-after-preachingtime show of oldies and doo-wop, all from his new pastorage in the wilds of The near-Upper Midwest.  On some few Wednesdays – not enough but every two or three weeks – he treats us with a half-hour Drive-at-Five or sometimes noontimes sermons/stories/messages.  When not so busy – right, a rock-n-roll disc-jockying minister still finds time to skate the fine edges of incomprehensibility for someone raised and churched in the conservative South! – he fills his listeners with vignettes and oft’ overlooked or under-researched tidbits about the history, life and times and nooks-n-crannies of this unique American cultural offering we gift to a world sadly in need of whatever joy and happy it can get.  His well-found chest of arcanea and trivia and insights are little, however, compared with his self-deprecating style of gently nudging a congregation – in person or over the air or through the ether – to see themselves – if you will – saved.  A treasure, he is.  Enjoy.)

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