Five Ways to Look at Blinds

Lu Terlikowski, like MikeETalbot, links some fine poetic offerings. Her choice of hero/subject isn’t so surprising: she goes for The Usual in unique ways. I think I’ll go dust my longsuffering blinds in pennance – or perhaps wear the polarizing sunglasses indoors more often.



The blinds are always open in summer

like the kind gatekeeper

for Sun, and Light, and Good Things.


A man was killing and the blinds

were broken.

The whole house— we,

were exposed.


Things gather dust when left to be.

Blinds gather sunrises and sunsets.


Close them, they said,

close them and mourn in peace.

And so I drew the blinds.


The shuffle of blinds folding into one another—

Winter is here

and it is dark again.

-Lu Terlikowski

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