“Drug Delivery Device”


old eighties sedan* gunboat:

‘clockwork crack cocaine’!


  • (Erratic driver sometimes goes from curb-to-curb in that big green-with-white vinyl topped monster car and makes sometimes five and six trips an hour in most any direction but uses my street religiously.  Too bad I left all my old rake heads in the back yard.)

“Flutterbys Mating”

Flutterbys mating

in aerial ballet – must

ready ‘pillar-squisher!*


  • (I kill only a relativey few caterpillars from these matings – most often from the Florida native Zebra butterflies: whose love of azalea leaves is legendary: them, I leave alone.  Long experience says let the ‘pillars gorge and in a month or so the azaleas bring forth a flush of new growth that astounds and by comparison with picking and squashing by hand those ravenous invaders, the azaleas do less well next flowering if left alone.  Now, cucumber and tomato vines are an entirely different matter.  I ruth and less them durn bugs who woulds’t  ruin my early spring and early fall salads.  The parsley, too, is not immune.  I’s a gleeful murderer!)