“Got Water Or Beer”

Got water or beer:

neither is cold – I water,

but I know some tricks*!


  • (Wet thoroughly a thick terrycloth towel.  Wrap well the object beer can or bottle in the towel.  Put the towel in the shade and let the outside liquid evaporate.  An 80° Fahrenheit beer seems cold enough when the outside temp broaches three digits.)

“I Suspect Ever”

Ever I suspect

pastor* to spin hot old Rock

on the radio!


  • (Pastor Marty Braemer – Marty B,  among other AM rock radio monikers – spins some classic rock & roll and sometimes slips into doo-wop and other oldies for AM 840 Mims-Titusville – Local 840 AM on the net – though he currently shepherds a flock in NW Ohio these days.  Don’t know too- or even one-many men o’ the cloth spinning that old Rock-N-Roll on radio, much less doing so with dash and verve and a good bit of behind-between-and before the scenes commentary besides.  His Afternoon Drive is Thought Radio – not Talk Radio and while I sometimes winder why he lets Michael Savage (Weinner sp?) hold forth occasionally I especially enjoy his Drive At Five O’ Clock segments when he shares a half-hour block once or twice a month of his pithy and homey sermons he calls messages.  Message on, Pastor Marty!)