“Just Natural Progression”

Eagles fully fledged,

their ‘coop’ already is flown:

that means Ospreys next!*


  • (Bald Eagles and Osprey, the natural top-o’-pyramid predators avianly hereabouts, follow with Eagles first and Osprey next in nesting, mating, birthing and fledging their young.  The Baldies left their nests months ago – about mid- to  late-May.  Now as I walk across the four-laned US Highway 17-92 – also called French Avenue hereabouts in Central Florida’s fine town of Sanford – I look up at a lightpole and see and hear an adult osprey feeding its young from a recently-caught fish.  Eagles need tallish pine trees both for nests and upon which to roost; ospreys, however, are much more practical. second- and third-floor slanted rooftops, telephone or light poles and even a couple of stadium multi-banked lighting arrangements.  The feathered former lizards are a lesson in how we all need each other to survive.  I could exist without predatory and scavenger birds – or any birds whatsoever…for a while – but why would I so want.  Even the ant what crawls up my hairy bare leg and finds its way to my hairy below-chinland beard more often than not gets a lifting finger and a little flick elsewhere, closer to where the crumbs got off-brushed onto the patch of rockingchair-ruined grass I call a lawn.)

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