“The Very First Time”

The very first time

actually wasn’t – just

pissed off* sniper.


  • (My first time to “The Bush” wasn’t bush at all, but 7th Marine Regimental headquarters base at Landing Zone Baldy, a former US Army Americal Division combat base in earlier years taken over by Marines.  I had only been in-country a week and escaped the rear for this? The place had a slop chute (two warm beers per man, 15 cents each in MPC – script – sold from a half-hootch screened in front porch just opened up because tonight was the first movie ever for this place on a couple of painted-white plywood sheets put up on posts, showing Marion Morrison (real name: John Wayne) in The Green Berets.  I saw the reddish yellow tracer balls float past and then heard the distinctive pop-pop-popping of an AK-47 as I slid down the embankment from which I was top-row watching the opening scenes of the movie with both cans of warm beer in separate hands and did not spill a drop and did not hit any Marines there before me as all hands whooped and hollered and the projectionists did not stop the flick for one itty-bitty second!  Seems as if the self-appointed movie critic had a point after all when I finished watching the two-reeler.  Somehow I knew the movie and The Movie were from different planets.)


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