“A Taming Big Breeze”

A taming big breeze

says tomorrow starts deluge*

Weather Radio!


  • (Not necessarily true: this waws writ Friday: still no appreciable rain here in Sanford from the Tropical Depression No. Six this Monday morning reportedly 75 miles West of Tampa heading East.  By now I should be hunting a gopherwood boat poled along by this crazy old coot in a long bathrobe with flowing white beard and hair and just too-many-to-count pets aboard.)

2 thoughts on ““A Taming Big Breeze”

  1. Actually after 2 p.m. Monday downpour(s) began: I got a measured 5 inches in just about 2 hours. An update, Yassy: I was out Tusday from 9 to 4 just north of Lake Apopka on a well-hilled 150-acre site that had been cleared for development. My brother and sister-in-law were conducting a gopher tortoise location project in bring 90+-degree Fahrenheit weather…I noted the usual suspects: a building bank of low cumulus clouds coming out of the West, and said: thar She Blows: the West Coast Seabreeze incoming – you guys recall I said this morning we would have rain between 5 and 8 p.m., but tomorrow (today) will be ever so much wetter and Thursday will be frog-drowningtime too. I wore my old tenni-sneaks downtown to cache a small czech – old joke I will tell later – and visit the internet to talk with my favorite poet whose work I have too little times taken aboard of late. First full day of work in past three-many months, so I have to renew my WP premium acct. for this-here site, renew my Fla. ID, tell voter registration I am un-hid and want my stuff sent here, and get new tennies and flip-flops (industrial grade) and s’mother stuff like more okra seeds, a delightful stab at some kimchee and bulgogi(sp?) all downtown and then head back to the office to do laundry while Noah floats by in his brand new-built gopherwood boat. Be well, m’dear. Make sure the duckie-float ring is fully inflated and watch out for tubsharks…which is why I prefer the shower…scared still of drainmonsters.


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