“So Glad I Escaped This Morn (For A While)!”

A conspiracy:

Ed-n-Shane won’t let me get

Saturday work done!*


  • (The pair of WPGS 840 AM Which Doctors – of Spin, I’d Say – keep intruding on my self-promises of useful work accomplished in the cool of the mornings on Saturdays. ¬†Between them and the new pet anole who hops aboard my bare feet – see! it’s a conspiracy: any gardening chores left require work boots and how can any human listen to good – no, great! – rock radio in workboots, not to mention giving rock-toe-tappin rides to a friendly little skeeter-eating lizard?)

“Russia(Gate) Resolved”

RussiaGate (Re)Solved:

The Leak of Real Dem UpScrews

from hacker Assange*!


  • (Julian Assange, who currently hides out from John Podesta and perhaps Hil’Kil’s goons in Russia from what he “leaked” so far all have proven true despite deft – or at least “the dems” thought so – denials and subject-changes has said all along he did not get his “stuff” from Russian so-called hackers…why would he when he could get it from phished Podesta and other sources…like a bathroom closet ma-paw server uninvestigated Hillary Clinton allowed to be subterfuged for her.)