“Little Lizard’s Day Off”

‘Skeeter*’ Killer off:

wet-induced vay-cay, I guess.

So I must kill them!


  • (Just over a week or so ago a little lady anole lizard adopted both my feet for a feeding and semi-protected rest-station.  Once I got used to a four-legged hop-aboard, with tickling toes, we got along famously.  Neither of us is reliable: and then there is the clement (not!) weather available late July and past in Central Florida.  The 3″- to 4″-inch deluge of two days ago put past-ankle deep water running down the paved streets – and as a kid when some of those same byways were clay-n-dirt we kids would dam those same streets to waters mid-calf deep and stretching well past the street borders.  That pretty much put the lizards – we called the variety we had then chameleons, and they did change colors to try to blend with their backgrounds – on vacation.  Yesterday, the little female ‘zard stopped by in the morning for a quick hop-aboard and since the flies, mosquitoes and other foodstuffs seemed unwilling to cooperate by gathering in sufficient numbers, said l’il ‘ard had other business to attend.  By 1 or two p.m. today we well may have repeat deluves if not then minor deluges, and I will continue to chum the waters so-to-ankle in hopes the little lady appears.  One sad note: after the rains of a pair of days ago I found the tire-torn body of a well-sized adult black snake at the end of the street near a storm-sewer drain.  That makes two tire-related blacksnake deaths this year.  We have other “snakes” hereabout, y’all!  Whyn’t you drive by city hall instead?)



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