“Lessons Learned” Tanka 741

Got taught just enough

at Parris Island – before –

to get teen ass dead!


Fortunately next two years

tutored my then mortal ass!*


  • (Whilst my boot camp peers joind the fray for Huey in 1968 I began a two-year-long post-graduate study of The Infantry Arts taught by those just returning from The University of SouthEast Asia and its ongoing War Games.  Useful lessons and degenerative byways my majors with minors involved – for much of that time I was, in fact, a minor as then defined by 21 years of age, thought I did get to vote just prior to my eventual shipment-for-sheepskin so to wage. I still think the confidence imbued was absolutely necessary but in fact any decent Seaman First could have swabbed the decks with my delicate self should I have been stupid enough so to enrage.)

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