“Call For Immediate Application…”

Think this time two-year

birthday celebration needs

one-day early start!*


  • (Written July 18, 2017.  The standard two-year celebratory calendar for each birthday is not meant to make up for missed observances as some have suggested: I just think – hell! KNOW! – the celebrant, Me!, is worthy of his hire! Let the party continue!)

“Stood In Bed!”

Stood in bed because

Newton Snookums missed his spot

on Kool Ed’s ‘dio Show*


  • (WPGS 840 AM – Local 840 AM – located in a disputed border between Mims and Titusville on Old Dixie Highway near teh border of both generally has a 9 a.m. repeat of the Kool Ed show which begins at 7 on weekdays and Saturdays, but I missed my serving of “The Secret Adventures of The Tooth Fairy,” and so I sentenced myself to near-two hours of the hilarity and great and often topical-to-news music despite Ed’s claim that Totally Unrelated Twin Spin is a Stuck-To Story just to catch up to the caperings of The Famous Fairy!)


“It’s The CreamCheese Topper”

I miss – actually –

cream cheese-crusted carrot cake

mom’s bud Shirley’s Best!*


  • (Green-n-red cream-cheese frosting on her annual Christmas Tree-shaped chocolate cake a good runner-up, but mom used her frosting on that still-drool-inducing sweet yet tangy moist carrot cdake…but it ain’t a lemon meringue pie!  Mom and Shirley Simas met whilst popping out kids at Naval Hospitals Bethesda and Patuxent River Air Stations in Maryland and Shirley continued the practice while both families were stationed at Argentia Naval Air Station on Newfoundland in Canada.  The remained fast friends through the moves to NAS Sanford, Florida and at least once a year Shirley would drop by with her trademark Christmas Cake.)