“My ‘Zard Training Continues” Tanka 723

Is this grazing ‘Zard*

a true symbiont or more –

we train each other!


Don’t jump away from its touch

and it lets me lift-and-scratch!


  • (For years I have ankle-flick hurled small anole lizards away as they attack the sometimes flies or mosquitoes which feast on my lower person which perforce go uncovered most days in faux-tropical Central Florida.  But only in the past few days have I made concerted effort to encourage a small – presumably female – mustn’t encourage the sex-police or even the age-police – to ride my flip-flopped or bare entire ankles and graze on whatever bugs come calling.  On ‘zard in particular has been a steady customer lo, these past two days. Tickles, but I school my autonomic reflexes and allow the rider to hop aboard and it allows me to watch as I temporarily put aside my pen or my book.  At last, I am – or is that have? – a ‘nother pet!)

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