“Go, Grab Eggplant Parm”

Go, grab eggplant parm

from last night for second lunch –

but wait ’til ‘zard* done.


  • (This little anole lizard continues its adopted stance of staying on my bare foot – or ankle – plucking flies and mosquitoes and even riding my rising foot as I shift stances.  In a surprise move to hop aboard, its tiny talon-like toes sometimes still do cause a start, but it persists in training me, its entirely too-mobile luncheonbox truck of a Sanford sort.  Second day – now – it hops aboard and thumbs its figurative nose at the big gruff male with a multi-colored throat-flap – as we both murder for lunch.  Little anole even turns to stare as I lean over to watch as it stands ready on my flip-flop style sandal’s toe-grabber strap, and suggests I return to my book – I’m disturbing the marks.  So I sit, read and marvel at this little creature’s ability to get me to forego my lunch for its.)

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