“Sir Stephen Stupid”

A Cosmologist*

speaks of man-made global death:

Stick with other stars!


  • (America’s pre-eminent global weather guru, John L. Casey, PhD, author of Dark Winter, Cold Sun and Upheaval, has had some interesting things to say about Sir Stephen Hawking’s foray into so-called Man Made Global Warming.  And the words the University of Southern California’s leading light, Dr. Thomas Jordan,  on the effects – and may I say affects? – of solar radiation on our dear planet is frightening indeed.
  • Dr. Casey suggests the appearance of growing numbers of earthquakes in New Zealand with an apparent causal relationship with solar radiation is soon coming to our shores, specifically the San Andreas Fault and The New Madrid Fault zones.  This I type the night after Montana rocked to a 5.8 magnitude opening act as it were: smallish by apocalyptic standards, but, still, a start.
  • According to Casey, San Andreas is “locked and loaded and ready” for its big reappearance – perhaps as severe as in the past 250 years, and New Madrid which emanates south from St. Louis Missouri is not far behingd.  The danger zone? From now – 2017 to 2038, according to Dr. Thomas Jordan, the USC geologist who made the above statements which came through talk radio via Casey.  The startling news is not being covered by mass media – and for good reason: their conduits to the scientific world would have naught to do with such scare tactics since they fly in the face of their taxpayer funded research grants establishing EXACTLY what THE LEFT wants us to fear.)

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