“Sir Stephen Stupid” Tanka 696

A Cosmologist*

speaks of man-made global death:

Stick with other stars!


For a bright fool, Sir Hawking,

you are a global bigot!


  • (Cosmologist fit better the count – and the amount – than AstroPhysist – Sir Stephen suggested – actually, he outright said – Earth almost was at The Tipping Point towards becoming Venus with 800+ degrees Fahrenheit temperatures and deadly acid rain coming out of its 96-percent carbon dioxide skies.  Wrong, chairboy!  Stick with pronouncements you know – or about which you can write facile books – but do not expect the sheep to follow your piping down death’s dark lane…oops: maybe you are right there – people take celebrity pronouncements about which the celebrities have no provable knowledge all the time around these parts of this spiral-armed neighborhood.
  • Dr. Thomas Jordan, the University of Southern California’s preeminent geologist says The San Andreas Fault is “Locked, Loaded and Ready” to let slip its greatest earthquake in the past 250 years, he reckons.  And, according to Solar radiation scientist John L. Casey,  author of Dark Winter, Cold Sun and Upheaval The New Madrid (St. Louis, Missouri, and southwards along The Mississippi River, well may get into the act.  Plate Tectonics? Sure. But why?  Casey suggests it has something to do with what is going on in New Zealand:  solar radiation sparked-increased seismic (earthquake) activity, and he says it well may begin appearing here if not already.  The Journal New Concepts in Global Tectonics (NCGT) article by Casey does it better than I about what well may be in store – the prime dates to remember for resurgent tectonic activity along San Adreas: now! (2017 through 2038.)
  • Go look up Casey and Jordan and read fer yerselves!)

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