“Lordy, Lordy! My Hat’s Back!*”

The Air Flow Tilley

has been playing hide-and-hat.

Found! Justintimetoo!


  • (Perhaps the best-made and best-designed “bush hat,” The Air-Flow Tilley – and not expensive at all: it’s WAY PAST mere expensive! – hat has been hiding in the worst possible place: plain sight! and for the past few months I have been relegated to using some of my USMC and Marine-style camouflage bush covers – in Marine-speak a hat is a “cover.” – and whilst preparing for my first ever yardsale I stuck my right paw into the milk-crate storage big right out front in search of a second Bass Weejun still with its extra-special shoe spreader  to go with the already found left foot of the never-worn and never polished – and I was prepared to do a quickie spit-polish job for value-addedness, and what do I find but mine own long lost head-buddy, my Tilley hat that has built-in UV protection and airflow vents around its crown that actually seem to wick heat off that underused but overworked haid I happen to own.  This is the best floppy bush hat of which I know and I am so glad to have it back near my noggin’s need, I shall spill a drap of both Bushmills and Anchor Steam upon its deserving brim!)

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