“Lordy, Lordy! My Hat’s Back!*”

The Air Flow Tilley

has been playing hide-and-hat.

Found! Justintimetoo!


  • (Perhaps the best-made and best-designed “bush hat,” The Air-Flow Tilley – and not expensive at all: it’s WAY PAST mere expensive! – hat has been hiding in the worst possible place: plain sight! and for the past few months I have been relegated to using some of my USMC and Marine-style camouflage bush covers – in Marine-speak a hat is a “cover.” – and whilst preparing for my first ever yardsale I stuck my right paw into the milk-crate storage big right out front in search of a second Bass Weejun still with its extra-special shoe spreader  to go with the already found left foot of the never-worn and never polished – and I was prepared to do a quickie spit-polish job for value-addedness, and what do I find but mine own long lost head-buddy, my Tilley hat that has built-in UV protection and airflow vents around its crown that actually seem to wick heat off that underused but overworked haid I happen to own.  This is the best floppy bush hat of which I know and I am so glad to have it back near my noggin’s need, I shall spill a drap of both Bushmills and Anchor Steam upon its deserving brim!)

“Gifts From Abroad” Tanka 691

Begins ‘The Season’

thus of our West African

brothers’ sand to here!


First, Cape Verde storms come now –

germal* innoculations!


  • (The usual August haze from the sands from The Sahara through West Africa creating that delightful dun-yellow haze out to sea doesn’t always announce its arrival in July: but the first of our Azores and Cabo Vert (pardon my Portuguese misspellings but I Learned the Cape Verde Islands in another era) may have sneaked into The Ritz Theater downtown Sanford, Florida, early this year: I noticed I had found my long-lost sniffles sitting the park bench at Magnolia Square this morning while awaiting the library’s opening.)