“‘Twas Terrific Timing”

Such great timing: I ran out (mostly) of notebook pages in my Jumbo Little Book – perfect backpocket fit and more pages than a Reporters’ Notebook (and about half the price, too!). with today’s last entry taking the last full open page and thus I ended all of June – with a touch of May and just an early morning onsie on 1 July 2017, a little thing called “The Wurst of July!”  I am so pleased, I may treat myself to a second glass of suntea this afternoon betwixt thunderboomers as I rock on the front “stoop” with bare feet dangling to catch rainsplatter.


More sane he. Mine own insists on thrice(minimum)=daily meals between snacks and counteth not the plucked pear tomato, green onion rendered rootless or fruits sometimes so high this acrophobe must climb to juice his chin. Thanks so much for getting in line, your fell-bellyness!

more insistent
bigger than my brain
stomach is king

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