In commentary to Yasmin’s Haiku “Shadows Flirt”

I (*must) laugh so glad at this

you conjure each wordlet

into galaxies

and I just laugh

with the mind

who makes



  • (I originally did not include “must” in the first line: I was working a quick down-n-dirty reply to Yassy’s  “Shadows Flirt” Haiku that I miscounted the first line at seven – instead of six – syllables.  Shudda known: I am much better at After Math: at which time comes recess.!  Go find Shadows Flirt and see what wonders Yasmin hath wrought (writ?).
  • Like much of what I write that I like, this still needs some work.  Some have taken 10 or more years.  I shall chew these six lines at length – or at least leisure – and see what suggests. Go. Read “…Flirt” …and laugh!)

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